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Nathan ” The Knight Creature” Ketterer here!

The WWE Universe was ablaze last night as we witnessed two titles change hands( but really one – we’ll get into that shortly) and undeniably one of the best matches we’ve seen for John Cena in quite some time! Truth is, whether you like him or not, Kevin Owens, brought the fight to John Cena and finished it! This match had me on the edge of my seat! Although we’ve seen Cena bring about a decent run with the US championship, Kevin Owens is nothing new to the squared circle. He could have accepted the US open challenge, but he had good reason to turn Cena down. Already at the top of his game in the NXT division, Kevin has already got the fight, and shouldn’t have needed to acquire the US title to prove his worth any further. John Cena, on the other hand, still has to carry the¬†weight of the WWE universe on his shoulders, proving that he is still worth being the big face in WWE. All differences aside, John Cena and Kevin Owens dominated the pay per view in my books!

Bear hugs going out to THE BIG GUY, Ryback! Honestly, to see him win the Intercontinental Championship, was truly a victory he needed to add to his resume! This was his first singles championship in his tenure with WWE, but I doubt it will be his last! Will the big guy keep the belt for long? At this point, I’m hoping he gets a decent run, at least util Survivor Series.

The divas title match was interesting, so leglocks go out to Nikki Bella. She has shown more of her worth as a divas champion, and not depending so much on her sister Brie to help her out. Personally, I was hoping to see Paige get her 3rd run with the Diva’s Championship, but Naomi dashed that towards the end, putting Paige out of the game.

No surprises in the tag team elimination chamber match, except, seeing an intense exertion between Prime Time Players and The New Day. Both teams played out a great ending, although, I felt it too predictable that New Day was going to win after all three members got to compete.

Now, going back to the titles changing hands, I will atest to saying in all rights, Dean Ambrose SHOULD be the current WWE Champion. For a well fought match, even with J&J Security, and Kane, butting in, this victory should have been awarded, by pinfall win, to Dean Ambrose. But, here’s the real question: what will happen now that Dean still has the belt? I predict Dean is going to do ANYTHING in his power to keep it! Stay tuned, as I will be delivering more bear hugs and drop kicks soon. I’m looking forward to the next few weeks, especially leading up to Summerslam.


Knight Creature Out!

Wrestling Geeks arise!!

Post Wrestlemania, the smoke is clearing and before we get started:

Clothesline Call-Outs

Clothesline #1 goes out to AJ Lee! Announced on Friday, AJ is officially retiring from WWE. With her career came a charisma only in her frame could she manifest the perfect blend of talent and personality, all the while leaving us on the edge of our seats! Thank you soo much AJ for your crazy-ass feminality!
Clothesline #2 is being handed out to The Rock! I will make myself perfectly clear in saying no matter what stage he performs on, The Rock delivers!! To make this even better, The Warrior Woman, Rhonda Rousey, was at ringside glaring down Stephanie McMahon. Once the Rock was ordered to leave the ring, Stephanie was encountered with the Rock escorting Rhonda in to deliver a little treat. Stephanie, word of advice, never, ever, raise a hand to Rhonda Rousey!
For those that missed Wrestlemania, The Dead Man returned, yes, the Undertaker! I had a flashback to 2004 when he returned as the dead man to face Kane! Seemingly, he donned his biker pants and grew out his hair some, albeit, walking as if he just rose fresh from the grave! None the less, he had a see-saw tussle with Bray, and at one point I nearly gasped when Bray did his reverse spider crawl with The Undertaker clutching Bray out of nowhere by his throat! Bray did some work on the Dead man’s older wounds, but staggering in and out, Undertaker finally came through delivering some “Old School” and a RIP via Tombstone!! Congrats Dead man, hands down, still one of the best in the biz!!
What about Sting?! Did he get screwed? What we saw was a little throwback last Sunday, as D-X emerged to help out good-ol Triple H! Just when the original NWO stepped out to even things up, we get schooled by the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels, delivering some Sweet Chin Music on the Icon, Sting! Alas, both the two great factions saw eye to eye in the end as Triple H and Sting followed through with respective handshakes making that one hell of a match!

A new US Champion is in the houssse!! That man is John Cena! Now, are we time traveling? Relax, Rusev’s undefeated streak is now over, and artwork for Cena’s “new” US championship has already been commissioned. Does this mean, another spinner belt?!

In other news, its safe to say Brock Lesnar will be out “suspended indefinitely” by order of Stephanie McMahon, after his actions on Monday Night Raw saw him lay out a camera man, Michael Cole, and pinning Booker T and JBL after a ruthless assault in rage upon Seth Rollins becoming the new World Heavyweight Champion! We know this isn’t going to last though as we get closer to Extreme Rules later on this month. How does the fate of the championship rest now with Seth Rollins as our new champion?
More to come as I will be tuning into Raw this week and as I find out more dirt I will be delivering more clotheslines! Have a great Easter Wrestling Geeks and may your spirits “run wild” as spring commences!