Show Notes

What’s got you g33ked?

·         Corbs: The New season of Sons of Anarchy, Starting This week! Check out the latest  trailer here:


·         Paul: Good Villain! We were priveledged enough to be joined by Writer/ Director/ Star of Good Villain John Ginty. He gives us insight into the making of the film as well as his take on the Super Hero movie genre.

For more about Good Villain check out the facebook page:

Or follow him on twitter: @GoodVillainFilm



Around Town: The Great New York State Fair. Its all about the deep fried food and the smell of unwashed carneyfolk

WTF Files: Snozzberries taste like what exactly? Here’s the original article: Snozzberries

I-T G33k: I went to Ipad school


The Comics Rack:

Paul attempts to convert Corbs into a Comics g33k
• Moon Knight #1 fantastic new series
• Today’s Hero #1 by VA Comics

The WTF Files:

Vag Doc: Someone actually requested this License Plate.


Around Town:

5 Wits sounds like a really cool experience. Should we make it a G33kpod Outing? Check out the website here

Relive the this week’s I-tG33k in print: Very Important Documents


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What’s got you g33ked?

  • Corbs: The upcoming Baseball season. Corbs is a huge White Sox fan and one day dreams of seeing a White Sox / Pirates World Series…. He’s the only one…

  • Paul: Clerks on the big Screen! One night only! March 24 at The Palace theater. Visit for more details


G33ks on Film:


  • The fellahs discuss Corbs distate for horror but new found love for The Walking Dead. The finer points of Sons of Anarchy.

  • Upcoming G33k TV shows. More info on those here: Fall TV Round-Up

Derek Jeter is a Top 5 all-time Shortstop and A-Roid is a cheating, lying Douchelord.

Corbs offers insight on why movies are so damned expensive.

Paul Hates Hulk Dogs and Eric Bana rocked in Hannah

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