force be with who



That right there was all that mattered.  That picture above was the one thing in the new “The Force Awakens” traler that I gave a damn about.  Not because I am old or nostalgic.  Not because I have a collection of EU novels and I am pissed they never happened now.  First let’s all watch this together shall we.



Now that was thrilling wasn’t it kids?  And if that had been the trailer for episode 8 I would most likely been swooning with excitement!  Young pretty actors in danger, in vehicles, being shot at!  All soooo exciting if I had a single clue who the hell any of them were and why I should care whether or not they get fried like a womp rat!

That is the problem with “The Force Awakens” trailer.  Yes we get a voice over from Mark Hamill and some references to the other characters and those are nice, but not enough.  The point of bringing back the old cast was to hand the torch to a newer generation right?  Why would that not be evident in the trailer?  I saw a bunch of young people in an action packed trailer that was a soulless as the prequels. Because just like “The Phantom Menace”, I don’t care what happens to them.

That isn’t an issue with what they showed or the actors themselves.  Like I said, if it was the trailer for the next one I would know them now and it would be plenty exciting.  I just don’t think this was the best approach to the trailer for what could be the biggest movie of the decade.  I mean, I’m glad you brought the Wookie and all, but what’s with Jedi Clairol and the young Stormtroopers brigade?  These faces will be generic CW cast offs until this December when we finally find out why the fate of the franchise is in their hands.

…. on second thought, the downed Star Destroyer redeemed the whole thing.  Forget I said anything…