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TWD’S season premiere broke all sorts of records, and it’s immediate followup placed third highest rated episode AND beat Sunday Night Football’s demo number AGAIN!  How is that for follow through?!

My first thought right at the start was that I don’t recall Glenn even having any lines last week, and this week all he gets is mistaking a broom and some boxes for a walker?  That’s harsh.  Maybe they want to turn him in to an idiot so we won’t mind when they kill him.

The crew find a creepy preacher in the woods who is clearly not all with the apocalypse.


There is some definite weirdness here, and Father Gabriel is clearly hiding something.  Rick has no problem telling him right to his face that he knows he is hiding something, and if that something hurts someone in the group, he will kill him.  Rick was even more take charge this week.  I think weepy unsure Rick is gone.  Now we have strong leader Rick who is going to bump heads with Abraham.


The church is a nice place for them to decompress and is sufficiently creepy.  At first I thought it was the same church they ran across while looking for Sophia, but apparently is an all new location that they built in six weeks.  Makes me wonder if they would spend all that time and energy on a set if we weren’t hanging around for more than just a few episodes.


Carol and Daryll got spend quite a bit of time together this week.  She does not want to talk about what happened with Lizzy and her sister, and he does not want to pry.  There is more cuteness going on there, but the big thing is they see the car with the cross on the window that took Beth, and are off after it.


I truly hope this isn’t a pointless and dull side story.



Anyone who has read the comics knows the scene where the Terminus folks are eating Bob’s leg is almost straight from the books, only with some characters moved around.  I think we may know where this is heading as it would seem we are in the “Fear The Hunters” arc of the book.  Episode two seems a bit early for the big reveal, so we will have to see how this pans out.

Finally there was a scene in a flooded basement with some water logged walkers which was fantastic.


These were some of the best walker makeups ever seen on the show period.


There was sloughed off skin and all sorts of nasty ickyness.   Especially this one with an exposed vertebrae.


It looks far too decomposed to be a threat, but it is moving and chomping.

Here is the promo for next week’s “Four Walls And A Roof”.



Two weeks in a row Doctor Who has managed to deliver a near classic episode.  This wasn’t just good, it was “remember what this show is capable of” good.  Scary monsters done with great SFX, and a possibly moral dilemma that impacts the whole season.

We are introduced to the “Boneless”.


They are creatures from a 2 dimensional plane.  They are bleeding in to our world, and basically flattening people and things in order to interact with them.  In this case that means stealing the bodies of the people the have killed.  There are some amazing effects, such as the “2d-ing” of objects and they Boneless taking on flawed 3d reproductions of their victims.


The “wrongness” of how they looked and moved just added to the overall creep factor.  It was hands down one of the neatest effects I have ever seen on the show.

This story also involved them leeching energy from the TARDIS to interact with our 3 dimensions, causing it to shrink on the outside eventually trapping the Doctor inside.


Clara is left outside to “play The Doctor”, and she does a great job.  So well in fact that it seems the are setting up a big moral question for the end of the season:  Clara was mad at the Doctor for being callous, lying, and basically being a huge dick in order to do what had to be done to save people.  In this episode, she proves just as adept at all of those things as he is.  When she goes looking for kudos for saving the world on her own, he points this out to her in a not so subtle way.  One has to wonder if this is chance, or if he is deliberately putting her in these situations to show her what it is like to be him.

Finally this episode had two moments that had my family laughing out loud.  Remember when I said the outside of the TARDIS had shrank?  Well the inside had not.


And then there was The Doctor needing to move the TARDIS out of harms way when he was all on his own.


Looks silly,  but the scenes were played relatively straight, and cause much laughter from the kids especially.

“Flatline” was fantastic, and seems to show the trajectory  for the show now that the weirdness of a new Doctor is starting to fade.  Here is a promo for next weeks “In The Forest Of The Night”.



Something interesting happened while watching this last weeks Z Nation.  I didn’t groan.  I didn’t shake my head.  My wife didn’t say “Oh SYFY.”  This is during the episode where they make a Sharknado reference.  There were zombies caught in a tornado being flung around and they played it straight for the most part.

Oh my god, this just might not end up being the train wreck I expected.


There was lots of zombie action, most of them looking quite good.  We are not talking TWD good, but better than in past weeks.  I get the feeling that the production team is getting better as time goes on.  There were also some neat gags with fireman zombies that I haven’t seen anywhere outside of Left 4 Dead.


Effects wise there was never a question that this episode would be heavy on cgi.  Other than one hiccup, most of it was handled well.  Zombies being flung half a mile by the tornado looked about as good as it could have been done, even on a bigger budget.  One particular zombie bounced off the ground right in to a tree, leaving a huge blood stain.  That one was so good we had to watch it three times.  The Asylum may not always be known for quality, but I think this shows they are growing as a production company.


Lastly, it is clear that Murphy is not as out of the woods as we thought him to be.  The vaccine that stopped him from turning in to a zombie a year ago must be wearing off, as his wounds are starting to rot and his hair is falling out.  The crew thinks he cut his hair, but it was falling out so I think he just pulled it out off screen.  He does not look good.  I had noticed the past few episodes he had been looking worse, and I think they handled the transition with great care.

So I am more excited about the show than I had been.  It is getting better, and I hope they can keep up the momentum.  Here is a promo for next weeks “Resurrection Z”


There is not a whole lot to say about last night’s Supernatural.  It was a very entertaining episode where the plot only inched forward, but the character moments were exceptional.

First there was the “breakup ” of Dean and Crowley.  Dean does not want to work for the King of Hell and says so in a very physical and violent way.  He basically dares Crowley to do something about it in front of his minions, and that will not sit well.  I think I see a big confrontation coming where Dean might find out just how powerful the King Of Hell is.  At one point Crowley is looking and pictures of his phone like one would an ex.  Seems like he really thought himself and Dean would make a good team, and will come back with the vengeance of a scorned lover.


There was also the first meeting of Sam and demon Dean.  Jared  did one incredible scene last night when he sees Dean for the first time.  Just the look on his face before the commercial cut was the best acting we have ever seen him do.  My wife even said he looked terrified.  Unfortunately the reunion is interrupted by “random guy” from last week, who it turns out is not a hunter.  Dean killed his father years ago, who in a flashback looked to be a demon, and he witnessed the whole thing.  He tries to pick a fight with Dean, gets his ass handed to him, and distract Dean long enough for Sammy to get the cuffs on him.

So next week it looks like we are going to get Sam vs. Dean.  Had to happen.  Hopefully we can start to get an idea of where this is going.  Again as well, Castiel had some good scenes but it didn’t have any impact on the plot.  I really hope they fold him in to the story proper.

Here is next weeks promo, “Soul Survivor”.


Last night Variety let loose an exclusive that Marvel is moving ahead with the Civil War storyline!  Apparently that role that Robert Downey Jr said he would play in the Marvel movies that wasn’t Iron Man 4 is in Captain America 3, which will kickoff the Civil War story.  They went over the details on how it almost didn’t come to pass, and how this is the start of something that will carry over in to the next seven movies.


This also gives insight in to the rumors that Disney has been working a deal with Sony to borrow Spider-Man for some of their movies while letting Sony retain the standalone movie rights.  Spider-Man was at the heart of Civil War, where the Superhero Registration Act required all powered beings to reveal their identities to the government and act as a police force.  They would get proper training, pay, and time off.  Basically making superheroes official, legal, and accountable.  Iron man was for it, Cap was against it.  At one point Iron Man convinces Spider-Man to reveal his identity to the world, to convince other heroes it was the right thing to do.  That didn’t end well.


This is big news folks.  Huge in fact.  I cannot wait.



In the new spirit of not recapping every damn turn of events, I want to say last night’s TWD was a great opener to what promises to be an exciting and gut wrenching season.  There were no major character deaths and it was as close to a happy ending as we ever get with this show.

Key take aways:

Carol is a badass.  She blows up the Terminus camp in one of the coolest effects the show has ever done.  She really saves everyone.  The whole cast fights like hell, but they never would have made it if she hadn’t intervened at just the right time.



Rick also is in full ass kicking mode.  He doesn’t think twice about taking out the Terminus residents.  It is nice to see him finally be strong and focused for the most part.  I was also suprised to see Terminus Mary bite the dust.  When they cast Denise Crosby in the show I expected her to last longer than two episodes.  Silly me, this is The Walking Dead.


Other than that, it was lots of action, and a lot more character development you appreciated if you watched the show.

Carol and Daryll were reunited in a very emotional scene.


Then America collectively teared up.  I think we cared more about this than Judith being reunited with her dad and brother.


Rick was on the ground A lot.


And then after the credits and the preview there was a stinger!  I would have missed it if I wasn’t planning on watching The Talking Dead afterwards.


Who is that man dressed sensibly for almost any apocalypse scenario?



There is clearly a moral issue at the heart of this episode about judging those who have done what they had to to survive, when you have done what you had to to survive.  I am sure this is going to be explored more in depth as I do not think we have seen the last of the Terminus folks.

Here is the promo for next weeks “Strangers”





Oh dear lord it just won’t stop.

I am going to change things up a bit here and thought The Narrows would be a good place to address it.  As you all know, this is a new venture, and the G33kpod crew is just starting to find our way.  I gladly took on the TV duties but it is becoming abundantly clear I can’t keep going on this way.

The Walking Dead starts tonight.  I haven’t watched this weeks Sleepy Hollow yet.  I have only seen the first episode of Gotham and American Horror Story: Freak Show was great but I haven’t even found the time to write about it.  I just did a quick calculation based on genre shows we haven’t talked about(12 Monkeys, Bates Motel, etc) and the stuff I have already started, and found we are talking in all of genre TV around 300 reviews in the next few months.   I would love to have that kind of output.  But with 50 hours a week at my job, a family, and time needed to watch those shows plus showers and sleep… it just is not going to happen.

Especially as at this point I am not sure if anyone other than Paul and my wife have even read one of these columns, I can’t justify sacrificing time in one of those other areas to do a good job here.  I hope someday to reach a huge audience, but I feel I am so rushed that I am barely scratching the surface of these shows.

I also said from day one I was not going to do full recaps, and somehow find myself doing them anyway.  That is on me, most likely because I am always in a hurry.  I wrote this past weeks Z Nation review in the WordPress app while on the toilet!  I need a clone.

So before I turn in to a zombie, here is what is going to change.


I will still do single reviews on my favorite shows and ones I think are important, and do a BETTER job with them.  Others I will do weekly columns focusing on several shows at a time.  AHS for instance.  I love the show, but it is such an intricate show I don’t feel I could spend the amount of time on it I would need to do it justice.  But we can still talk about the fucking creepy clown!clown

This way I feel I can spend more time on what I write, and just put some thoughts out there about the ones I don’t have time for.  Paul wants to handle Gotham and The Flash so that helps out a lot.  I am going to assume you have already watched the show.  I would never read a review before watching a show.  If that is you, I am sorry and I don’t think you actually like TV.  You should try books.

We at G33kpod want to turn this site in to something special.  I am sure this won’t be the last adjustment we make, and we appreciate anyone along for the ride.  If you have any ideas or thoughts on how to make this better, feel free to leave them in the comments.   I am going to spend the rest of the day excited about The Walking Dead, instead of worrying about when I wil have time to write the review.



This was a nice change after last weeks disheartening episode and after a whole half season that has been a rough transition.  MOTOE felt like an old school Doctor Who episode.  By old school I don’t mean 2008, rather 1977.  Like an old horror film, it was reminiscent of the Philip Hinchcliffe and Robert Holmes era(1974-77).

The first thing that stood out was the mummy itself.  Scariest DW monster in quite awhile.


This thing was legitimately creepy.   Great SFX as it looked like a walking corpse rather than a campy monster on a kids show.  I am almost glad my three year old has lost interest in the show as this thing would have scared the crap out of her.  I cannot express how impressed I was with this.



The other part that reflected the mid seventies was a fantastic impression of the Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker.  I kid you not.  There was a scene where the Doctor is talking to himself, bouncing thoughts and ideas off himself.  One voice was his own, and the other?  One of the most impressive Tom Baker impersonations I have ever heard.  Rivals Jon Culshaws famous impressions.  This was clearly not a happy accident, and one has to wonder if the Doctor is somehow communing with his past selves, and if it explains some of his erratic behavior this year.  Of course it would make sense as it was the Fourth Doctor who also faced an intergalactic Egyptian threat.



Finally, I am not sure what is happening with Clara.  Last week she was done with the Doctor.  This week she says it is a farewell trip, and she certainly acts like this is the end.  Again this week the Doctor is a prick, putting the lives of the passengers behind solving the mystery.   At one point he puts a girl directly in the mumm’ys path for the sake of studying it, right before he removes the target from her and puts it on himself.  He then confronts the mummy and finds a clever, and incredibly Doctorish way of defeating it.  When she asks if he was only acting heartless, he says that sometimes all of your choices are bad, but you still have to make them.



Somehow this makes Clara do a complete 180.  She lies to Danny about being done with the Doctor and says let’s keep on going.  I don’t understand her change of heart.  While the Doctor’s argument is a good start, it does not feel like enough to have swayed her yet.  I just don’t buy it, and I think something else is going on here.

This was the best I have felt after a DW episode in a long time.  At the very least it seemed like everything is working again.  Next week’s “Flatline” looks interesting to say the least.